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the 100% home compostable mailer bag alternative, customisable to your brand.

created by jon and josh, compostic is a young kiwi company with a goal to eradicate unnecessary plastic waste. we offer a unique range of both home and commercially compostable products, including custom mailer bags, poly bags, and have some exciting new additions coming soon to help everyone do their bit to move the world past plastic.

all compostic products are certified to home-compost within 24 weeks, or commercially compost within 12 weeks. they adhere to the european standard, american standard, and australian standard. to top it off, all inks used are soy or water-based, and the plants used in production are a waste product. it’s not plastic, it’s compostic.

compostic's quick step guide

choose a composter that suits your situation. traditional bins, tumblers, diy boxes, or simply a pile are all great options. if you’re short on space, look into a bokashi bin as an alternative.

aim for 50/50 browns and greens. equal parts brown (dry leaves, cardboard, twigs, sawdust) and green (fruit and vege scraps, fresh grass clippings, coffee grounds) lets the microbes do their thing.

be careful not to add cooked food, meat or bones, dairy, bread, pasta, oils, pet poo, diseased plants or pest weeds, and of course no inorganic material, like plastic!

shred it up to speed it up. tearing up your compostic mailer, cardboard, or chopping organic matter into smaller bits before you add it to your compost will help the process along.

give it a turn every now and then. your compost needs to be well aerated to properly decompose, so tumble or turn it every week or so, or better yet, every few days.

do a moisture test. take a handful of your compost out and give it a squeeze; if it drips then it’s too wet - you need to throw in more browns. If it’s dry as a bone, spray some water on and give it a turn.

your compost is ready when it cools down completely and does not get warm after turning. it should also be a rich brown colour, crumbly and have an earthy smell.

work your cured compost into your soil around plants, use it as mulch around your garden, or donate it to your local community gardens.

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use it, reuse it, and home compost it.

don’t have a compost bin? our friends at We Compost have got you covered. they offer both domestic and commercial collection services that will not only take all of your compostable packaging waste, but also all of your organic waste and drop it off at an approved commercial compost facility.

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