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i'm the end of the plastic bag

i'm plant-based and 100% home compostable in 24 weeks

help change the world with a click. join 12,814 new zealanders ending the plastic bag. 


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we supply retailers and other businesses with custom branded bags and mailers in larger quantities. 
from june we will also be selling 'off the rack' compostic bags and mailers for personal use.

see all products here. for more information on any of our products please contact us.

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The end of the plastic bag is coming.


We now have the technology to make 100% compostable bags that contain zero plastic. They function exactly like plastic, can be single-use or re-usable, and can be made for just a fraction more than the cost of plastic bags. We have a growing number of commercial composting facilities in New Zealand that will accept and compost these bags in 12 weeks. And even in your home compost, they break down in 24 weeks. We have the means. All we need now is the will, as consumers and companies, to decide to make the switch and end plastic bags – and their environmental consequences – forever.


be part of the end of the plastic bag

if all of us speak up, it’ll be a no-brainer for businesses to make the change.


new zealanders have made the call. add your voice by liking our facebook page:


find out what I'm made of, why that's better and all the answers to everything compostic. 

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compostic c-bags are fully certified compostable



every movement needs a hero, or at least a t-shirt.

organic cotton t-shirt.  buy

organic cotton t-shirt. buy



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