hi from the team at compostic!

Our mission is to rid the world of unnecessary non-compostable plastic waste in the household, starting in the kitchen. That’s why compostic wrap is third-party certified home compostable. It’s why the packaging is recyclable and home compostable too - we’ve even used sustainable soy based ink for printing.

We’re all about reducing waste. Compostic wrap is pre-perforated so that there is no plastic cutter, and it’s green so that you can always tell it apart from the nasty stuff. Great for convenience, even better for your conscience.

We hope you’ll love our guilt-free wrap as much as we do. Your feedback and messages are welcome, drop us a line at hi@compostic.co.nz.

If you’d like to learn more about us, visit us on social media and if you like what you see, give us a follow!

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