Earth Day 2022!

January 3, 2022

April 22nd 2022 will mark the 52nd annual Earth Day!

So, What is Earth Day?

At its heart, Earth Day is about raising awareness and driving action for ecological sustainability. As stated on, Earth Day is “...marked by more than a billion people every year as a day of action to change human behavior and create global, national and local policy changes.”

The way in which individuals, communities and countries observe Earth Day can range from the planting of trees and choosing to eat a more plant based diet, through to lobbying for changes to policy or promoting climate literacy to your local community.

The theme for Earth day 2022 is - Invest in Our Planet, which is about recognising that it is going to take innovation and action by individuals, businesses and governments alike, in order to generate the change we need to see. A true “partnership for the planet”.

The History of Earth Day

So how did it all begin? Created by US politician and environmentalist Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day was brought about by Nelson’s ongoing concerns about the health of the environment and that this issue wasn’t being addressed at a political level.

Nelson engaged the support of Harvard University graduate, Denis Hayes and together on 22 April, 1970, organized the first Earth Day which saw gatherings of up to 10,000 people from Washington to New York! As the global concern of the environment grew, so too did Earth Day’s following which by the 1990’s was being acknowledged by over 140 countries around the world. In 2022, Earth Day now has over 190 countries engaged in the movement.

And yes! You can be involved at your personal level!

If you’re still reading, that must mean you are curious about what YOU could DO, as an individual, to be part of this movement. Well, good news! Below is a list of a few ideas we have put together to help inspire you to easily invest in our planet, the right way, this Earth Day.

Support local - The way we spend our money is the first tangible investment we can all make to support protective behaviors to our planet. Depending on where you live, is there any option for you to prefer local produce and goods for instance? Checking out

  • your local farmers markets or looking for local delivery options online can be a good start. Not only does this reduce carbon emissions, but it supports your local economy also - win win!
  • Go on a date with the planet - that’s right. Why not give the investment of our precious time to our planet by taking it on a date. Gather together a picnic and maybe even a friend or two and get out into nature. The more connected we are with our planet, the more invested we are in looking after it!
  • Plant a garden - Having things like herbs and green veggie in the garden (or on your balcony) not only makes life easier but reduces the need for packaging (if you were to buy them), transport and of course it adds more carbon absorbing plant matter to our environment which your planet will love. That’s a tiny investment first for the seeds but can generate a substantial outcome!
  • Donate - Investing in our planet in the most literal sense. There are so many incredible initiatives out there on a mission to restore the ecological balance of our beautiful planet. Often these initiatives are reliant on the donations of their followers, so find a cause that feels aligned and invest. Every dollar can make all the difference!
  • Invest in a compost bin - Not only will this take care of your household organic waste, but it will provide you with nutrient rich compost to feed your plants. Compost bins also divert waste from landfill helping us to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions organic causes in landfill. Lavoisier, a French Physician stated once that “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” That’s exactly what composing is about!
  • Go car free for a day - Not only will you be investing in your planet by reducing your carbon emissions, but you will be investing in your health by getting out and about and moving your body. Walking, biking or even roller skating! Whatever your chosen mode of transport might be, going car free for a day is a great way to invest in your planet. You never know - it might just become your new favorite mode of transport!
  • Get thrifty… or save! - Ditch the fast fashion and opt for the op shops instead. The fashion industry alone is responsible for over 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing to invest in pre-loved clothes, repairing clothes you have, or adopting the principles of a capsule wardrobe can all have a huge impact on our planet. For the ones who can, reducing to only one piece of clothing per month whether new or not, for instance, is an incredibly powerful way to limit the environmental impact while growing our savings ;)

For more ideas on how you can get involved this Earth Day be sure to check out the Take Action section of the Earth Day website here(link:

Together let's Invest in our planet for an ecologically sustainable tomorrow.







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