Like-Minded Businesses: Hungry Harvest

February 8, 2022

With an estimated 1/3 of all food (around 1.3 billion tonnes) being wasted each year, food loss and waste is a growing issue facing our global community. Our friends at Hungry Harvest are on a mission to change this, by bringing plant power to the people.

So what is Hungry Harvest's mission?

Hungry Harvest offers sustainable grocery delivery that fights food waste and protects our planet–right to customer’s doorsteps.Their mission is to rescue these items from being wasted and deliver a healthier future. Items that are rescued include produce with minor imperfections, food that doesn't meet supply chain requirements or is overproduced, and food that is required to be discarded within a certain time period due to best before dates and other regulations. Every delivery helps build a waste-free future for our planet.

How does it all work?

Like a weekly food box delivery, customers subscribe to receive the “Harvest” box directly to their door each week. Hungry Harvest helps people to learn how to use different types of ingredients by providing recipes and storage tips, all focused around making change with every plate they create.

Why do we love them so much?

There is so much we love about Hungry Harvest and the ripples they are making in the food waste space. Not only are they making leaps with redirecting food to those who need it, but this action also has a flow-on effect in stopping green waste from ending up in landfills. This helps to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by organic waste entering landfills and in turn, reduces humanity's ecological footprint. On top of all of this, they are addressing food insecurity by starting a reduced-cost community market initiative called Produce in a SNAP that offers low-cost fruits and veggies to families and individuals with limited food access.

How Compostic + Hungry Harvest are walking the same path?

Similar to Compostic, the Hungry Harvests mission is all about building a waste-free future.

Just as Compostic is on a mission to change the waste system, Hungry Harvest is all about redesigning our food distribution systems for the betterment of both our communities and our environment. One key thing both brands share is that we want to make it EASY for people to make the switch! In our view, simplifying sustainability is key. We love seeing amazing companies like Hungry Harvest re-creating the systems in which we operate so that we are better able to work with nature and not against it. Here's to more brands and people changing our food and waste systems for the better, so that future generations can enjoy a healthy future.


Hungry Harvest Boxes start at just $15, and new customers save 20% off their first Harvest! Visit and use code WASTEFREE at checkout.


New customers get 20% off their first order with code WASTEFREE at

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