Our top 10 Kiwi brands helping you to reduce plastic

Our mission at Compostic is to take our consumers on a journey to remove all plastics from their households starting in the kitchen, facilitating an effortlessly sustainable lifestyle. But we can't do it all ourselves, so we've picked our top 10 Kiwi brands that can help you go plastic free this July


Easily a no-brainer for plastic free July. Compostic is New Zealand's favourite brand of fully home and commercially compostable cling film and resealable bags.  From seeing how much plastic Kiwis send to waste, the two took an innovative approach and created a much-needed alternative to plastic variants found in our kitchens. 

Our favourite pick? The 20 pack home compostable resealable snack bags


The Ethique range is a fantastic way to remove plastic from multiple parts of your home, from their main lines across face hair and body bars, to their newly introduced concentrates which remove the need for plastic cleaning bottles - There is a whole lot to choose from when it comes to removing your plastic.

Our favourite pick? The Bar to Water Multi-Purpose Bathroom Spray Concentrate

Soul Family:

The team at Soul Family have a whole range of sustainable alternatives for your daily needs. With a focus on to-go items from straws, produce bags and coffee cups, the Kiwi brand has you sorted and safe from having to purchase yet another reusable Countdown bag. 

Our favourite pick? The Reusable Fold-Up Drinking Straw


The Smart Ass toilet subscription service is saving your ass and our planet. This sustainable toilet paper uses a combination of  Bamboo and Bagasse, two of the world's most sustainable resources, and doesn’t come sealed in plastic cases. The group also does paper towels and tissues. 

Our favourite pick? The Games Range 

George and Willy:

Based in Mount Maunganui, the team behind George and Willy create beautiful sustainable pieces from wood that remove the need for plastic alternatives. From hanging dryer racks, studio paper rollers, peg boards and key rings, the team has a plethora of beautifully designed simple items for your plastic free home. 

Our favorite pick? Wooden Pegboard


AWWA the Label is the next evolution of sustainable, period proof underwear. The new ‘AWWA All Day’ absorbs 5 regular pads or 3 super tampons worth of flow – making environmentally friendly period care more affordable than ever and cutting out a whole lot of plastic.

Our favourite pick? ‘AWWA All Day

Eco Store: 

Lately the Eco Store has been making the effort to lean away from single-used plastics. In particular their concentrate range, aluminium bottles for hand and dish wash and new addition of wooden brushes which all are great ways to remove hidden plastics in your kitchen. 

Our favourite pick? Wooden Dishwashing Brush


Aotearoad was founded in 2016 by two women who wanted to make a change to the ever-increasing presence of plastic on supermarket shelves. The company produces affordable paper compostable packaging in the health and beauty category across deodorants, lip balm, hair products, and moisturisers. 

Our favourite pick? The Aotearoad Natural Dry Shampoo


The New Zealand founded brand has quickly shown the rest of the world what it means to be a truly sustainable brand. From shoes, socks, underwear and loungewear, Allbirds have you sorted when it comes to removing plastic from your attire. 

Our favourite pick? The Lilac Woman’s tree runners 


This family owned and operated business provides amazing handcrafted products across soaps, bath bombs, hair care, sugar scrubs, solid moisturisers, shower steamers that promotes sustainable processes including production and packaging. 

Our favourite pick? Raspberry and Vanilla Sugar Scrub Bar


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